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Convert(); hiii sir can u suggest me how o train the databse on your own.. or if u could suggest me a way to detect side face of a human in the video with arnd 80 % accuracy.. I need to find the whether there is a change in the cropped part. I am using visual c# (windows form application) with opencvdotnet. Can any one help u can then send me a [email protected] code is as below using System; using System. Emgu CV is much better, in active development and it even runs on Mono. A question I want to consult you, how to access my webcam? Harr Cascade’ does not contain a definition for ‘rect’ and ‘face’ cannot be declared in this scope becaue it would give a different meaning to ‘face, which is already used in a ‘parent or current’. Tested with VS2010, after hooking up the events, and enabling timer — just worked. I used this code to get Facedetection and is working in C#. what should i do if i want to get faces from vedio instead of camera capture. Convert(); //Convert it to Grayscale Stopwatch watch = Stopwatch. when the fluid reaches the end of catridge , i should detect th change. When I run the code “cap = new Capture(0);” with my wired camera, there is no problem. (I know the address of my webcam) I used this code to get Facedetection working in C# however I have this problem when i complie. Start New(); //normalizes brightness and increases contrast of the image gray._Equalize Hist(); //Read the Haar Cascade objects Haar Cascade face = new Haar Cascade(“haarcascade_frontalface_alt_tree.xml”); Haar Cascade eye = new Haar Cascade(“haarcascade_eye.xml”); //Detect the faces from the gray scale image and store the locations as rectangle //The first dimensional is the channel //The second dimension is the index of the rectangle in the specific channel MCv Avg Comp[][] faces Detected = gray. My program is to capture the images of the catridge from camera & crop the required part & then to compare the cropped image. Unless you’re looking for a job, your CV is probably sitting around somewhere as a boring text document gathering dust, in fact I’d wager you can’t remember were you put your CV! After discovering a CV inspiration post with 40 or so CV samples, of which none were usable templates, and the rest were overly creative, I decided it was time to update my curriculum vitae template.Better to keep it up to date instead of finding 5 years down the line,you can’t recall what you did, when.

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One thing that every job seeker needs to know about the interview selection process, is that recruiters don’t really read through the CV.

Here is the list: This is basically the information as it has been provided to me by these companies or at the very least most of the companies.

In order to bring to you the most accurate information, I solicit these retail and grocery stores and ask them the questions that you need the answers to and here are the general replies for this question asked today.

Many of the listed companies have a turn around time of about 3 months.

In these three months the following will happen, the applicant will get hired, or the application will be removed if the applicant does not update the application.

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