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But the negative rumours decrease after James specially visits her when filming Wai Gor's Wok (煒哥的味道) show earlier.

Alice expresses she is filming Apple-colada (果欄中的江湖大嫂) series after Deep in the Realm of Conscience (宮心計2深宮計) series and James has not visited her so far, and has a suspicious relationship with Taiwanese singer, Sherry Cheng (鄭雙雙).

After making a controversial comment at an award ceremony in 2002, Siu temporary left the Hong Kong entertainment industry to restart his career in Mainland China.

In 2008, he returned to Hong Kong and signed an artist contract with TVB.

The following day his comment was taken out of context with news reports claiming that Siu's comments were made towards fellow singer Juno Mak, who was known for his wealthy father's backing of his career, angering Mak's supporters and fans.

Siu's career plummeted immediately and was sent by his management company to restart his career in mainland China.

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They decide to play a game to date each other for seven days but not to fall in love.In regards to her partner, Ms Chao, 34, added that “it would mean the world to me if you could just not be so terrified of her, and treat her like a normal, dignified human being.”She writes: "I do love my partner Sean, who does a good job of looking after me, ensuring I am fed, bathed and warm enough every day, and generally cheering me up to be a happy, jolly girl.She is a large part of my life, and I am a better person because of her."I’m sorry to mislead you to think I was only in a lesbian relationship because there was a shortage of good, suitable men in Hong Kong."There are plenty of good men, they are just not for me."In a separate interview with , one of the papers that published the letter, reported last week that Ms Chao has received "strange" phone calls from would-be suitors since her father made his comments, and that most open by saying, "I want to be a billionaire!After a fierce competition with new singers including Juno Mak and Shawn Yue, he won the Rookie of the Year award.However, Siu's initial success ended abruptly in 2002 after he made the controversial statement “the good will always prevail” at the 2002 JSG award after party.

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