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Yunho looks like he's struggling between the urge to laugh or whack them all."Yes I just met her, she's nice although her Korean is pretty weak, and I didn't really notice her boobs."This last statement is greeted with a chorus of disbelief, all three of them calling bullshit and whining for Yunho to spill until he tells them all to shut up and get back to work.- - -The new trainee is fucking gorgeous. Amber just barely contains a snort.“Changmin oppa, this is Song Qian,” she says. Changmin forgot to breathe about five minutes ago.“God, just man up and ask her out,” Yunho says from behind him. “Literally nobody has time for that.”He grabs Changmin’s shirt collar and starts dragging him into the room.“What are you doing? Since you’re completely useless on your own.”Yunho strolls into the practice room, Changmin trailing after him and trying not to look too pathetic. He misses, and Yunho ducks out of the room with a final laugh. Things aren’t really happening though, so ten minutes later they’re sitting on opposite sides of the bed, Victoria’s beet red face buried in her hands while Changmin silently laments the fact that he can turn on a stadium full of tens of thousands of fans but he can’t turn on his girlfriend.

"Nice."Kyuhyun doesn't get it.- - -Changmin sort of just really needs an excuse to talk to her, so when he spots her walking down the hallway with Amber he puts on his best smooth operator face and straightens.“’Sup,” he says, nodding at them in greeting. Music thumps through the room as she spins to some fusion of modern and Chinese traditional dance. By my calculations we should be on a casual just-friends-but-could-lead-to-more date in about 6 to 8 weeks.”Yunho looks at him like he’s crazy. Changmin flops down beside her and leans against the wall. Super quiet and discreet.”Changmin blinks at her, then leans forward. ”Changmin grabs a tissue box and throws it at his head. Changmin immediately puts his feet in his lap.“Victoria asked my permission to date you,” Yunho says.“What? He doesn’t even think he’s physically capable of denying her – which is how they find themselves in his bed not long after, a victorious trumpet line playing in Changmin’s head.

It starts when Kyuhyun says something like – "Heard about the new trainee? " Changmin doesn't bother glancing up from his phone. They're chilling in a practice room, essentially wasting time under the pretext of work."What about her? It's our duty as her seniors," he says, getting to his feet. Her expression changes when she sees who it is and she bows immediately, a perfect 90 degrees.“Yunho-sshi,” she squeaks.

(Victoria dan Changmin tertangkap kamera ketika berada di atas panggung saling berpegangan tangan) (Victoria dann Changmin dengan beberapa barang yang sama sehingga menunjukkan mereka pasangan sungguhan)Selain itu, Victoria juga sempat mengunggah foto ke akun media sosial di Korea.Victoria had also invited Shim Jae Won, stylists, and other staff members.It just so happened that Max Changmin was shown reflected off the spoon.f(x)’s Victoria uploaded on her Weibo on February 24.Fans speculated that the man in question was TVXQ’s Max Changmin, causing Victoria to delete the original photo and replace it with another, making dating rumors spring up.

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